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Application Packaging Automation

Does your company own 'Wise Package Studio' or 'AdminStudio' but don't use it to its full potential.

Well, look to us to help you create Project Process flows, integrate tools, and automate the tasks in either suite. We can take your current packaging process and automate 80-90% of the steps, leaving the packager to focus on preparing the application for company deployment standards.

When we complete this process implementation in your packaging team, it will cut the packaging time by 40-50%. Also the processes we put in place, with your requirements, will seamlessly integrate application virtualization into your current packaging processes for native desktops or VDI.

Desktop/Application Virtualization

Application virtualization is an umbrella term that describes software technologies that improve portability, manageability and compatibility of applications by encapsulating them from the underlying operating system on which they are executed. A fully virtualized application is not installed in the traditional sense[1], although it is still executed as if it were.

The application is fooled at runtime into believing that it is directly interfacing with the original operating system and all the resources managed by it, when in reality it is not. In this context, the term "virtualization" refers to the artifact being encapsulated (application), which is quite different to its meaning in hardware virtualization, where it refers to the artifact being abstracted (physical hardware).

VMware ThinApp Virtualization

Accelerate application deployment and simplify application migration with agentless application virtualization. With VMware ThinApp, applications are packaged into single executables that run completely isolated from each other and the operating system for conflict-free execution on end-point devices. Application packages can be deployed to different Windows platforms, eliminating costly recoding and regression testing so you can easily migrate existing applications to latest Windows OS.

  • Eliminate application conflicts, reducing the need for recoding & regression testing
  • Deliver reliable and flexible application access to all user profiles
  • Eliminate the need for additional server hardware or software investments

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Cameyo Application Virtualization

Cameyo is a free application virtualization product. It combines best-of-breed application virtualization technology with simplicity.

Application virtualization technology packages entire applications into a single standalone executable, eliminating the need to install.

While application virtualization technology has been around for years, good application virtualization products have been expensive and complex to learn. Whether you are a home user or an enterprise IT administrator, take your applications with you or deploy them easily.

At Cameyo, we believe application virtualization should be within everyone's reach.

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